Hiring the right person for the job helps you take your business farther faster.

Curious what it’s like to entrust your content creation to me? Read these rave reviews from a few of my happy clients.

Gina Sims Designs

Initially, we had great content but lacked the time to get it out there. We were getting more business (a great problem to have!), but didn't have the time to get our stories and photographs on our website and into the world. It was maxing out everyone on my team—every time we got one thing done, we still had our content needs hanging over our heads.

What I love about Meredith is her ability to quickly and concisely grasp what we are trying to communicate, and doing so expertly and with amazing customer service!

It feels great to know she's got us. We feel listened to and taken care of and we can get to the business of doing our work while she tells our story.

Gina Sims

Principal Designer, Gina Sims Designs

Stephen Pfleiderer SF Intervention

As an entrepreneur and solo business owner, before discovering Meredith’s services, I simply did not have the time or bandwidth for writing projects. It was frustrating in terms of career and business development to not have the time to execute various projects. Others in my space progressed via writing while my business stalled. 

Meredith’s services helped my business position itself as a leader in the field. I am now able to focus exclusively on what I do best and take advantage of the many opportunities that have presented themselves as a result of Meredith’s excellent work. She is a true professional—highly skilled, attentive to detail, and delivers on the high standards and expectations she sets. I especially appreciate her ability to receive constructive feedback as a means to get excellent outcomes. 

My business is growing as a result of Meredith’s services and is positioned to continue to evolve in a positive trajectory.

Stephen Pfleiderer, MA, CADC, CAI

Interventionist, San Francisco Intervention

Jeff Lazarus MD Medical Hypnotherapy

Before I found Meredith, I was writing as one medical professional to another medical professional, which didn’t translate well for the “masses.” But I didn’t know how to communicate effectively in a way that resonated with the people seeking my services. Meredith just got me and the messages I was trying to convey. She took the ball and ran with it, was creative, and prompt! She helped me write several blogs, and when I created a video program, she was able to write it in simple terms so that everyone could understand.

I felt such RELIEF! It was one less thing for me to worry about—you have no idea how comforting it is to know that Meredith is always there for me, and that the problem will be fixed! 

Jeffrey E. Lazarus, MD, FAAP